COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Please help to eliminate the spread of COVID-19, click here for more information about the virus and how to protect yourself and others.

Because we are an e-commerce based business located in a private building that is not open to the public, we are able to continue to be open while taking extra precautions like:

  1. Social Distancing
  2. Regular sanitation of work surfaces and hands.
  3. Wearing protective gear like masks and gloves during the packing process.
  4. All in-studio events have been postponed until further notice, and we are not allowing any customers to to enter our work space for pick-ups until further notice.
  5. All pick-ups must be conducted briefly, outside of the building and at a distance.

Processing Times:

As of 10/20/20 you can expect a processing time of 5-15 business days on most orders, and 1-2 business days on all products marked “ready to ship”. Please allow additional time for personalized or custom order products.

Shipping Times:

We ship most packages via the United States Postal Service. The speed in which your package is shipped depends upon the carrier.

Additional Notes:

The United States Postal Service has been impacted in numerous ways causing shipping delays, and are working hard to process and transport shipments as quickly as possible. Please allow additional time for packages to be sorted and scanned, and for your package to show up on tracking. We do not cover costs for packages that are lost, stolen or damaged during shipment.