Our Story

Our mission is to offer a variety of lush & intuitive Eco-friendly solutions at a fair price to all beauty consumer in the world.

Our Philosophy

We strive to make every beauty consumer in the world to get closer to the finest version of ourselves. We believe in freedom of confidence, away from normal standards to empower individuals we come across. We implement best practices to use this sacred earth through employing biodegradable products to the extent of our resources. Our approach provides a healthful alternative that services a fulfilling mission towards a fortunate & virtuous state.

Best Yourself to Liberate Abnormalcy, Salvage Health, & Earn Saturn-days.

Our Story

Our roots lie within the hardworking families of Mexico & Lebanon in pursuit of the everlong American Dream. The combination of a glamorous culture in the United States & our pre-existing connections led us to build By Lashes. This life-long venture bridges our exterior families for an opportunity to thrive upon our ever-growing success. By Lashes is founded upon unbreakable family values, a strong ethics belief, & financially conscious acumen.

“One day we will eradicate our perspective of deficiencies & imperfections. We will view them as an opportunity to advance- Cosmetics & accessories will go further beyond than what everyone believes it is at surface level.”

-By Lashes Founders